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Exhibitor List
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Exhibitor List

JD IDEAS Market Co.,Ltd

  • Country South Korea
  • Booth No. D111
  • Address 400, Cheonho-daero, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 102ho
  • E-mail jdmarket@jdideas-market.com
  • Tel +82-10-3233-3214
  • Site http://www.jdideas-market.com/
  • Sector 37.5degrees check band

Company Information

JD IDEAs MARKET is expanding the '37.5 degree fever check band' business with the slogan to restore the preciousness of lost daily life in COVID19. Because the color of the band changes at 37.5 degrees, it has the advantage that it can be used easily and lightly in everyday life, and it can be used by anyone of all ages safely because it has passed the quality and safety examination by a national accredited agency.

Meeting Schedule

09:30~10:00 T***************
13:00~13:30 G***********
13:30~14:00 H**********
14:30~15:00 D***********
13:00~13:30 T*************
14:30~15:00 D***********
15:00~15:30 L******************


Check band is made for self-diagnosis of COVID-19.
It seems like just a bracelet, but it can check a body temperature in real time. The color of band is changed if the body temperature is exceeded over 37.5 degrees. Because it is difficult to carry an electric temperature in our daily life, Check band is very effective to check our health in every time and everywhere.
Red, Navy color
color change
detailed size

Brochure & Catalogue


  • T. +82 2-6671-0741
  • E-mail. trade@gbexhibition.com
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