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Exhibitor List
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Exhibitor List

Green Zone Corporation

  • Country South Korea
  • Booth No. D212
  • Address Room 307,80-16 Goldenroot-ro, Juchon-myun, Gimhae-si, South Korea
  • E-mail
  • Tel 82+70+7340-7377
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  • Sector Reinforcement joints, rebar couplers, ventilation window opening and closing systems, plant factory systems

Company Information

Our company is a research and development company for construction equipment and eco-friendly energy. We have developed and marketed joint-type rebar joints (Ad-Joint) that are simple in structure and easy to construct. We are in the stage of productization by developing earthquake-resistant rebar joints, rebar joints with inserts (OT-Joint), and welded rebar joints that are reinforced. Also, we are developing and selling ventilation window opening and closing systems and plant factory systems.

Meeting Schedule

09:00~09:30 V*********
13:00~13:30 L******************
09:00~09:30 L**********


Ad-Joint which is based on threaded steel, OT-Joint which enables all types of rebar joints and earthquake-resistant joints use sleeves to develop and sell rebar joints against earthquakes are the rebar coupler that easy to construct and reduce concerns about safety accidents. Also we have developed and sell manual, power, and air-tightening systems for ventilation windows.

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  • T. +82 2-6671-0741
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