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Exhibitor List
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Exhibitor List

ANCellbio Co.,Ltd

  • Country South Korea
  • Booth No. D412
  • Address 301,Nature pigment R&D center, dongsunonggongdanjigil 62-8 Najucity, JeonlanamDo. Korea
  • E-mail
  • Tel +82-61-373-0027
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  • Sector Zinc Magnesium, Potassium(K) Selenium One day immune care product.

Company Information

New generation growth engine, Professional BIO Company

The company is a bio company in Korea that specializes in Anti-cancer therapy called PDT, antioxidants, and Immune-enhancing products.

Especially, our company that directly operates an immune café the brand name of the Café Cell Lab.

Meeting Schedule

09:00~09:30 L******************
13:00~13:30 H**********
13:30~14:00 T****
15:00~15:30 P****************
13:00~13:30 N*****************


- ZINC for one day immune care
What is the Zinc MK Mineral ?
It's a compound water soluble ionic mineral of
Zinc and Magnesium, Potassium (K) product

- Selenium for one day immune care
What is the ANCell Selenium ?
It's a compound water soluble ionic mineral of
drink type of the Selenium product
Selenium is an anti-cancer substance, the most brilliant nutrient of the 20th century. Selenium disassembles hydrogen peroxide produced in the body and removes free radicals.
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  • T. +82 2-6671-0741
  • E-mail.
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