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Exhibitor List

ImmuneMed Inc.

  • Country South Korea
  • Booth No. A211
  • Address Room #2-2, Bldg. #3, Chuncheon Biotown, 32 Soyanggang-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, 24232, Republic of Korea
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  • Tel +82-33-258-6551
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  • Sector - COVID-19 IgM/IgG Rapid - Dengue NS1 Ag Rapid - Dengue IgM/IgG Rapid - Dengue Ag/Ab Combo Rapid - Leptospira Rapid - Leptospira IgM Duo Rapid - Scrub Typhus Rapid - Hanta Rapid - AFI Rapid

Company Information

ImmuneMed, Inc. promises to become a world-trusted company based on creative high-tech intensive research and sound management. Our focus is on human health and welfare in terms of the treatment of incurable or obstinate diseases.

We are developing and exporting diagnostic kits using lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for early detection of acute febrile illnesses such as Scrub typhus, Leptospirosis, Haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, Dengue, Salmonella and COVID-19. These kits are able to detect IgM and IgG simultaneously and the reliable accuracy is based on species specific antigens, which are registered as ImmuneMed`s patents. We also have certificates such as ISO13485, KGMP and CE.

Meeting Schedule


- Various acute febrile diseases (tsutsugamushi disease, leptospirosis, nephrotic syndrome hemorrhagic fever and dengue fever) were measured using a small amount of specimen (3μl).
- Identification of IgM and IgG at the same time to understand progress of the disease.
- High specificity and sensitivity to rain in other diagnostic kits.
1. COVID-19 IgMIgG Rapid
2. Dengue AgAb Combo Rapid
3. Leptospira Rapid
4. Scrub Typhus Rapid

Brochure & Catalogue

  • ImmuneMed COVID-19 IgMIgG Rapid Flyer Download
  • ImmuneMed Leptospira Rapid Flyer Download


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