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Exhibitor List
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Exhibitor List

Dainnuri Co., Ltd

  • Country South Korea
  • Booth No. A211
  • Address 76-45, Bukhang-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
  • E-mail 13038@hanmail.net
  • Tel +82-32-571-1728
  • Site http://dainnuricorp.com/
  • Sector Protective ware, Cotton gloves, Cotted gloves, Mask

Company Information

Dainnuri Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and general distribution company based in Korea. We have been growing rapidly every year as a specialized business company, including direct import, OEM production, and domestic distribution, as well as in-house production. We handle personal protective equipment such as disposable coveralls, safety masks, industrial masks, gloves, and reflective vests, as well as various products for general use such as yellow dust masks, paper cups, golf gloves, tapes, and raincoats.

Meeting Schedule


Guardman® protective coveralls offer a wide range of protective functions including but not limited to dust protection, water repellent, waterproof and flame retardant. In addition, there are many types of Guardman® masks available such as disposable 3 ply, medical masks, KF80 and KF94. Of these, KF80 and KF94 are manufactured and distributed directly by us.
Guardman Gloves
Guardman Masks
Guardman Protective Ware

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  • T. +82 2-6671-0741
  • E-mail. trade@gbexhibition.com
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