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In the current epidemic situation, the consumption of food, drinks, masks, sanitizer ... is essential in keeping our health well as well as increasing our resistance everyday. Health care services are the motivation for food safety and public health sectors comprehensive developing.

To meet the increasing demand for quality and quantity of health care services, the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) warmly welcomes the organization of the “K-Quarantine, Bio, Goods Vietnam 2020” which is officially held by The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of Korea (MOTIE) as the official organizer. This event will take place from 10th to 12th December 2020 at Tan Binh Exhibition and Convention Center (TBECC), and VCCI believes that this event will contribute to enhance the competitiveness and sustainable efficiency of the health care service industry in Vietnam in the coming period.

VCCI sincerely thanks to the support and sponsorship of the Ministries, Associations and local leaders for the success of "K-Quarantine, Bio, Goods Vietnam 2020" was firstly organized in Vietnam. We wish all exhibitors and visitors to get many useful results.

Wish the exhibition a great success. 

Vu Tien Loc



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