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Hello all,

We’d like to extend our hearty welcome to the 2020 K-Quarantine Bio & Consumer Goods Trade Fair in Vietnam to all of you. We are truly honored to host an event to showcase South Korea’s excellent quarantine and biomedical system in Vietnam, the fastest growing economy and the most dynamic country in Asia.

South Korea is also investing heavily as a nation to contribute to quarantine, bio, and medical sectors all around the world. Also, even at this moment, many Korean researchers are constantly conducting research and development for the healthcare and safety of human.

The products to be presented during K-QUARANTINE · BIO+GOODS VIETNAM 2020 have incorporated cutting-edge technologies that give glimpse into Korea's efforts. In addition to the quarantine products widely known to the public, such as facemasks and quarantine clothing, we strived to show a variety of essential products to build an advanced quarantine system.

It is regrettable that we cannot show more products directly due to the nature of quarantine products and the difficulty of customs clearance and transportation. But we hope this event helps Vietnam's outstanding buyers purchase and select Korean products according to their needs.

Lastly, we would like to express our sincere thanks to the Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Chamber of Commerce (VCCI) and the trade fair organizer TOP REPUTE, for their cooperation to make this event successful.

Thank you very much.

Global Business Exhibitions
Managing Director
David S. H. Lee


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